Frequently Asked Questions –

How do I best look  after my orchids?

Orchid plants (indoors) should be given approx. 6 hs of INDIRECT sunlight per day. They require very little water. Just one ice cube (water measurement) worth of water once a week. In fact, they almost thrive off neglect!

How do I get my flowers to last longer?

Cutting the stems every 2 days and changing the water is the best way of managing your cut flowers. Keeping them in a cool pace overnight (outside in the cold or even in the bathroom) is another good strategy to prolong their beauty.

What if no one is home to receive the delivery?

If no-one is home, your flowers will be left at the front door, or in a safe spot deemed correct by the courier. If there are issues, please contact us.

Can I pick my flowers up at your shop?

Yes – of course. Please just give us a call to arrange a time so that we can have your flowers or floral arrangement ready. We’d love to see you!

I’m not sure what flowers to buy – Can I purchase a Giftcard?

Yes. Please contact us over the phone and we will make up a beautiful Bless Flowers Giftcard for you.

Can I order specific flowers from Bless Flowers?

We’re always keen to hear what kinds of flowers you love most. Some love roses, some orchids. Please feel free to request specific flowers, but, as we’re dealing with Mother Nature, we can’t guarantee that your chosen flowers will be available. But please trust that as experienced florists, we’ll always put together the best selection of flowers we can lay our hands on.